We have just signed up to Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset our companies carbon footprint! By working with Carbon Footprint Ltd and planting trees around the world we are protecting the environment by compensating for our environmental impact, protecting wildlife and benefiting local communities.  For each tree planted, a tonne of carbon will be saved in the Amazon Rainforest through Carbon Footprint’s avoided deforestation projects!


What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon Neutral – is a term used to describe the state of an entity (such as a company, service, product or event), where the carbon emissions caused by them have been balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world. These savings are generated through helping to fund renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects, many of which bring additional social and community benefits in developing countries as well as reducing greenhouse gases.


Tree Planting

Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodiversity. Trees contribute to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we breathe.

By supporting Carbon Footprint Ltd.’s international tree planting projects, we are compensating for our companies’ environmental impact, protect wildlife and benefiting local communities.


Take a look at our accreditations page to view our Carbon Footprint Certificate: – https://habens.co.uk/accreditations/